The Treats arrive…..happy birthday Martin…..

Friday night Marty, Shawna, Trey and Tanner arrived.

Saturday we got to work. My first time cutting bottles. I watched Martin so I learned from a pro bottle cutter. Mental note….keep fingers out of the blade!

Shawna and I set some more bottles.

While the boys got to work up at the shop.

Our son, Marty, is such a stud muffin.

Our grandson, Tanner, is such a hoot.

Our oldest grandson, Trey, is always willing to give a helping hand. Such a strong young lad!

The boys could be found hard at work.

Drilling holes where? Not there!!!!

Even the little ones provided much needed help

Three generations building together. This just warms a Grammies heart.

The shop base plates on one side all drilled and ready for anchors.

Break time!!!! BB gun shooting is the reward.

More bottles from the chicks.

Wait!!! I see two little mice.

After the last of the work was done for the old boys, time for fun.

Martin and Marty spent the rest of the evening adjusting the new scope.

Shoot, shoot…….

Walk, walk….. to check accuracy!!!!

Even Shawna took some shots.

Walk, walk some more….

Not us as we were busy making a bottle wall.


The old man turned 61 on Saturday. Happy Birthday my love. You worked so hard on your special day.

The wall grows…..

Nothing better than sunset on the knoll.

It was windy and cold but worth it.

Sunday morning was super windy and cold so no work was done outside. But inside the wall was being worked on.

The kids found a dead bunny so Mommy went to help. Poor bunny.

It finally started to snow. If you call dippin’ dots snow? The kids had a ball playing in it.

The Treats hit the road towards home. We can’t thank them enough for all their help. Martin used today for a day of rest and I used today to work on the wall.

It’s going to be a warmer week this week so we hope to see more progress all around.

Our son touched my heart so much. As we walked together from finding a hammer drill, he put his arm around me and told me how proud he was of us and how nice the house was coming along.

Till next time…..


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