Daily Archives: March 20, 2018

Eatin’ and eatin’…..

With Spring is on its way the activity of the elk is abundant.

Marty, Shawna and the boys arrived Friday night and we were so busy talking and visiting that we didn’t notice the elk eating outside.

The cutest thing ever is the little tiny baby. So furry and hungry.

As it became darker they hung around for awhile.

This one says,” sniff, sniff, yea it was me!”

Here’s hay hanging from your face!

It was like, party at the Treats house. Hay and water for everyone. The tiny baby won our hearts.

They all look so young.

Here’s is a cropped picture of the baby.

Kind of looks like a Shetland Pony.

Photo bombed by the baby. This elk laid down to close to the camera so it became silhouetted. Martin must have had about 50 shots of this elk moving it’s head around and around. We died laughing. Would have been funny to clip it in to a fast slide show to music.

The expression on this one was priceless.

Hayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Yum yum!

Listen! Did you hear that? It came from over there.

Hayyyyyy what you lookin’ at!

As you can see the camera also catches humans coming back from getting not hay but ice cream.

Molly was caught being a happy dog.

The day the kids left it snowed dippin’ dots then half an hour later it was done. Sunshine and only patches of evidence here and there.

Water gone and hay torn up.

Can’t wait to catch them again enjoying the gifts we share with them.

Till next time…..