The elk have been visiting us regularly.

Looks like twin babies!

A few males in the mix.

This one looks like it got a horn on its butt!

You can see here the pecking order in full force.

Oh man I just wanna hug me a baby elk!

We went down to valley for a few days and we got a little snow.

The snow comes in fast then BAM it’s gone.

Kansas was a hairy little girl. She came back all clean and pretty from her 3 hour spa day. But now she’s cold in the mornings.

We went for a ride with our wonderful friends. Exploring our surroundings is always a blast.

Wanted dead or alive. I look at the trees and always wonder about their story. Why did this one die but the neighbor is just fine?

We stopped at this river bed and here is this bedrock river wall. My question is, is there gold in that there wall?

I’m standing on top of that wall. It felt like gritted sand paper. And what was weird was there were stones embedded in it on top.

Stopped a watering hole. Now I see how a windmill works. Pretty simple.

The water was crystal clear but grew this green grassy stuff. Not slimy like moss.

The boys are looking for winches!

Time for some rock crawling!

Everywhere there was different textures or colors. And the terrain changed many times.

Yep that’s my sexy man!

I found a new friend. Daisy the Donkey.

Not camera shy at all.

You have a friend in me!

Went up to Davenport lookout. Wow what a view.

Hoppy Easter to all our family and friends. I thought I’d try some homemade blueberry scones with lemon drizzle. Yum yum. Baking up here is a challenge so I’m learning.

Till next time…..


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