Daily Archives: April 22, 2018

Wahoooooo we had a beautiful day!!!!

Finally a nice warm day. No Alaska Redneck snow suit for me.

We started siding the end wall.

The big pieces go up fast.

We broke for lunch and decided to get the mail, grab a burger and pick up something special for our Grand daughter. Can she guess what it is?

As I pulled into the driveway I spotted our first wild flower in bloom.

Then this bug was riding on my windshield. It’s legs were so funny. I think the feet had suction cups because it tried to walk as I drove but it floundered around. Kind of like walk rolling down the windshield. And when I parked this is how it landed. Doing the splits and holding on for dear life.

Some little kitty has made herself at home at the foot of our bed. She loves her daddy and sleeps there at night or with Kansas. Spoiled brat!

Well tomorrow we head to the hot valley. Give our old bodied a little break. Our dogs are barking!

Till next time……