The tin is up…

With the help of Martin’s faithful and devoted wife the tin is up.

Martin was the perfect measurer.

Joyce was the plasma cutting master. With her quick skills in cutting the tin, only a few pieces had to be recut here and there.

Few more to go.

What a great feeling having the shop built. So so so thankful for all the help we received over the last 30 days. We battled wind, rain and even snow.

These lifts were a life saver and a giggle maker. One in particular had a touchy joy stick. As we stitched the seams, I drove and just couldn’t get the feel of it. We were bouncing all over the place. Martin tried to give me guidance but I was just not getting it. Thank goodness we only have one day left of the life savers. Time to hang some airplanes and foam some gaps.

Till next time….

Joyce the plasma cutting master.

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