Today we flew planes…,

Martin and I spent the day pulling out airplanes from storage.

First up in the air is Martin’s unlimited stiletto.

Next plane on the taxi way is Marty’s GR-7.

Martin ordered these gadgets to make these cables.

Securely Marie flies high.

In this race it looks like Marty is in the lead.

Next in line on the taxi way is the Beast.

This Bi Plane has a special place in Martin’s heart. Bryan Jensen was the pilot of the full scale plane. We met him when we hauled the model scale Beast plane from LA to Las Vegas. He sadly died in an air show in Kansas City. So now this model flies inverted forever.

Next in the race is Martin’s Super Extra aerobatic plane. Looks like it’s lagging behind. Hint: maybe because it’s lacking an engine!

We still have a few more planes to enter into the race.

Till next time……


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