Race to the finish…,

This morning Martin and I had a few things we wanted to finish before the helpful lifts were picked up.

Finishing up the trim wood on the shop inside a shop!

Then a few more planes entered the race.

I think Marty is still in the lead! However Martin says he’s on the inside so he’s leading. Lol.

Just in the nic of time because United Rental showed up about 10:30am.

The dude who picked up the lifts was amazed at the size and the build out inside. Asked if we would come help him. Not sure if he could afford us. In talking with him he knows our dear friend Dave Smith. Dave you play cards with him!

It has been 5 weeks of working on the shop. We are so thankful for our dear friends who lended us their helping hands. We couldn’t have completed it without them.

Martin spent the afternoon helping me with embroidery designing. His feet need a much needed break.

Tonight we sit.

Yep! Flip Floppin’

In the middle of all the building chaos I’ve been trying to garden.

The tomatoes plants Jamie and Marcus brought us are thriving in pots.

My zucchini squash are starting to flower! Since bees won’t be able to pollinate my squash I’m going to have to do the deed. Lol. If you could only see me with my tomatoes. All it takes is vibration, wink, wink!

With the warmer weather we have been leaving our door open. And with an open door, the birds seem to find their way in but can’t find their way out. After a long day of building we spent 30 minutes chasing a dumb ass (Frank) bird around the house and green house. Martin would try to net it but the damn thing was so fast. In the house then into the green house, repeat, repeat, repeat. Finally we set our tools down and Martin got the B.B. gun. Wow, within 1 min we were done. He stunned it and I threw its ass outside. And then last night, after a very long day, same thing. As we ate dinner, I watched dumb ass ( Frank) bird 2 flying all over the green house. After dinner I asked Martin, “Where’s the gun?” Well dumb ass (Frank) bird pooped on my cutting table, I will not stand for that. Martin handed me the gun and on the second shot, BAM, it fluttered to the ground. My first kill! Don’t feel good about it but in my world you don’t shit on my stuff! Martin ordered us some magnetic screens to hopefully keep the birds alive!

We haven’t had time or the energy to hike to the knoll but with the end in sight we celebrated up on the deck. Perfect warm weather. Perfect evening. It’s been 10 months since we moved and just look at how far we’ve come.

Last night we get ready for bed. First Kitty gets settled on her blanket then Kansas gets comfy. Two peas in a pod. Sisters till the end!

Lovin’ our life.

Till next time…..


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