Happy Mother’s Day…….

Martin and I would like to wish all our family and friends a very happy Mother’s Day.

You know as we sit at our table in the kitchen we look out to the knoll. I’ve always looked at this little tree high up at the peak. Martin this morning took me for a hike to the little tree.

On the way found a new wild flower. Soft petals and pretty purple flowers.

This is the little tree.

Very very steep right at the top.

Way up high looking towards the house you can see the new shop.

Our compound nestled in the woods.

During our hike Martin found an old chain and I found a rock.

Kansas just found a ton of cuteness.

After our hike we started cleaning out the green house entrance.

This made working on the door/window wall easier.

We are trying to button up the openings to help with the cold and now the heat.

The finish work is what will take time.

Last night we had visitors. We will be going to buy more hay on Thursday so I’m sure we will have more elk visitors hungry and thirsty.

Enjoy your day Mom’s!

Till next time……


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