Insulation day….

Today was a day of get it done day. We have had bits and pieces of insulation up here and there so today we decided to get my studio done. Fill in the holes!

So we moved the quilting machine out and the scaffolding in.

Martin put it up piece by piece as I rolled him around.

OSHA approved! NOT!

Then I hear a yell and he’s shaking his hand.

I ask him, “What’s the matter?” He replies, “I hit my finger with the stapler.”

I ask, “Oh no! Which one?”

He replies, “This one!”

Poor baby!

But he got it done!

And continued on like a trooper filling some pieces in the kitchen.

During the week he hung up the faucet and rain head for our shower and the hand held for Kansas shower.

Can’t wait to turn this baby on!

You know some days you just have to start your day with a smile.

We will be off next weekend enjoying a weekend with the family in Flagstaff. So to keep my garden growing Martin recreated me a gravity fed watering system.

He built a stand.

Bought a 10 gallon bucket.

And Ta-Da. Now we need to hook up all the tubing and take it for a test run.

We stopped this week to do a drone flight of this mountain range/very large knoll.

Really amazing. As soon as Martin gets done fixing his computer he will up load it. He lost a hard drive. He found an eagles nest, small lake and cactus blooming.

Kansas is always in tow.

Love the sun setting on the mountains.

Seems like everyday a new wild flower starts to bloom.

Till next time…..


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