Busy, busy, busy……

Well it has been way, way, way too long since my last post.

After Martin and I finished framing up the shop it was time for me to get back to work.

Our handsome son, Marty, had a birthday. 36 years young!!! Which makes us feel old!!!

Well one of the things that have kept us busy is this new monster. Lucy the laser cutter. It can etch and cut glass, wood, tile, cork, fabric and probably more as Martin discovers new things everyday.

One of the local restaurants in town asked us if we could print shirts for their new gift shop. Well of course we can!!!!!

As Martin hooked up Lucy and learned a new design software I created a few door hangers for the gift shop.

And some hats.

When Martin finally got Lucy running he was off and running too.

First thing was a logo for our new adventure. He played with speed and power. What effect will you get when you change one or the other? Our saying is always, “Try it both ways and let’s see!”

Marcus wanted a new logo for his school district. So Martin created this using a distressed look.

Next the gift shop wanted items for their pet friends.

Well the pet owners need shirts too.

Martin finally received different products to test cut with.

Mirrored acrylic cut two different ways.

In the middle of all this craziness we took a day and went to a local quilt show. Over 200 quilts in this small town.

Henrietta heat press has been retired. With all the different product we are pressing now we need an upgraded model. This is Helen. She is digital and auto opens when she’s done working.

After we already cut and layered my lettering, Martin figured out how to cut twill with two layers at once. Omg it will be so much faster for my next project.

The gift shop wanted t-shirts that said these sayings.

So we delivered!!!!

Martin bought me a new lens for my camera. Now I can see the true character of these amazing animals.

Martin is getting real good at this laser stuff. Coasters ready for delivery.

T-shirts aren’t complete till you put a label on it!

The boys are coming tomorrow and Papa has this project for them to help him with. And yes the seats will be laser cut.

Shawna, Jamie and Mika are my gluing buddies. Our project for the weekend will be the living room wall of mosaics. Glue, stick, glue, stick…..

I’m sorry it has been awhile and I promise not to do it again! Yea right. My busy sewing life has only just begun.

Till next time…..


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