Happy Independence Day…..

Our daughter, Jamie and our daughter-in-law, Shawna brought the grand babies up for a visit. We met them in Springerville to share in the festivities.

First up the parade!

Always fun people watching.

Here’s one sexy cowboy.

Shawna loves firemen. And so does Trey! Maybe he will grow up to be one someday.

We thought of Uncle Phil when this Rat Rod came by.

Our grand babies experienced their first Rodeo. 106th consecutive Round Valley Rodeo.

It was a beautiful day and to share it with our kids was the best part.

Thursday we began the glue, stick, glue, stick process of creating a mosaic masterpiece.

Jamie, Shawna and Mikaila worked for two days sticking tile on the wall.

As the paths closed in the girls got closer and closer.

It’s hammer time! The girls needed more pieces and Tanner was too happy to help.

Finally the puzzle was complete. Everyone was exhausted but so happy to have this step done. After my busy work season I will grout this monster of a wall.

The elk came to see each day the progress.

Papa and the boys stayed busy doing the man things.

Trey was practicing on the tractor.

Papa and Tanner having fun together.

Target shooting.

Climbing on the house.

It was a great weekend with our family and we hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Till next time…..


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