Little by little…

While I was finishing up my projects Martin worked in his shop.

He built shelves.

Installed parts of his old solar system which he bought in 2009.

This unit was suppose to run the house. But since I decided to continue to work and bring all my equipment Martin upgraded the house to a bigger and more efficient system.

He just needed batteries for this system. Plenty of power to run his tools and the new old fridge our lovely neighbors gave to us. Perfect little fridge for water, gator aid and beer. Thank you Frank and Lizanne.

Got up from relaxing on the sofa stepped into one boot, ah crap wrong foot, oh well just gotta walk to the bedroom. I felt like a two year old giggling down the hall.

Snack Daddy is always making sure the children get their treats.

Here at Top of the World is the second annual star party this weekend. Tom asked us to create hats and shirts for him. So happy to be able to help the locals and make a few extra bucks.

I took two days off after a very long summer season. Martin and I started lining the grave yard. Adjusting the pond liner was piece of cake.

Next step was big ass rocks to line the bottom. Wheel barrow by wheel barrow we loaded it up.

Then we built the bucket that the gray water will seep into to be pumped out.


Then river rock. Again load by load!

Still more to haul on another day.

On the other side of the window wall I located the pipe for Martin and dug it out

Love having the laser cutter cause Martin was able to design, draw and cut this stabilizer for the pump so it will not fall over in the bucket. He’s so smart!

It was so nice and cool out today I decided to jump on the tractor and drag the trails. It felt so good to be outside.

The gray water progress is a big step in the build. Cause no sense finishing the shower inside till the system is up and running.

Till next time….


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