One SUPER big deal….

We pick up the local paper and found Tanners picture amongst the Pie Festival pictures.

This weekend is the second annual Star Party here in our subdivision. Saw Saturn for the first time through a telescope. I have been told that I experienced an eye-gasm. Well I think they are right cause we are going back tonight to try to find Uranus. We are on a mission.

Martin and I created a glow in the dark transfer just for the occasion.

We also printed t shirts for the local schools cross country run.

This Saturday afternoon was so productive. We moved the generator to its new home at the shop. And moved the propane tank. Then we proceeded to clean up Martins shop. And…………..wait for it………wait for it.

Finally our motorhome is safe in her new space in Martins shop. Now finally I can get her cleaned up and put all back together. Nicer space for when company comes to visit. She needs some repairs in the future.

Sunday we are planning to layout the posts for solar array for the shop. Secure the lining in the gray water planter. It’s suppose to rain so a request for oatmeal raisin cookies has been placed.

Till next time…..


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