What a wonderful weekend…

Last weekend we were traveling and spending time with great friends.

A little Texas hold em’ time.

Kevin, Paula, Tina and Robert. Bestest of friends for life.

And family.

We always make time for Martin’s parents and his Aunt and Uncle.

This weekend we got stuff done. Even cut more bottles.

Hopefully soon we will be able to shower indoors. Until then we continue to enjoy our outdoor wonderland.

Kansas is such a little poop. As I walk the trail towards her. She watches me. As soon as I take my camera out to take her picture she turns her head like to say, ” not today!”

The best thing about the weekend is that us two really do enjoy doing projects together. Today is Monday and I’m back to work and Martin is up cutting his poles down to size. I miss him already.

Looking forward to the weekend.

Till next time….


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