Happy Days…..2-9-2019

When you finish another successful season it’s time for a road trip. We headed in down to the valley to drop off our back seat driver. And continued onto California. We grabbed a hotel room Saturday night then started back out on the road Sunday morning. Martin mentioned these lightening bolts or bright flashes in his left eye. My first thought a pinched nerve in his. After googling his symptoms I immediately contacted our dear friend Peter cause I saw he had eye issue last year. With all his experiences he was an official doctor now! He advised us to seek out a retinal specialist immediately. My first thought was, “ Oh Shit!” So as we are traveling down the road I googled for a specialist along the route. Remind you it’s a Sunday afternoon. Only one doctor called me back. He was able to advise Martin that no retinal detachment has occurred so we scheduled an appointment for Martin on Tuesday. Another 3 hours down the road the big ass squished scorpion floater appeared. ‘Oh Shit!” So we called the doctor back and scheduled to be seen on Sunday night at 6:00pm at his office. This was another hour past our destination but we were so willing to go the extra miles for peace of mind. So we dropped off costumes and dropped off the trailer we were towing and continued on to Sacramento. Dr Cupp met us and evaluated Martin.

After lots of eye drops and lots of probing, Martins Regina was still intact. We were so thankful! He gave us a name of a doctor in Phoenix to follow up with. His floater is big but it should settle to the bottom of his eye someday. Crazy what happens as we age.

What touched our hearts the most was after everything we went through he did not charge us. We mentioned that we had Christian Healthcare Ministries and we would be paying cash. He said just give us a good review online. WHAT!!!!!! In this world today this kind of stuff just doesn’t happen. We couldn’t leave without doing something so found out he was getting married in May so we handed him a $100 bill. Of course he said he couldn’t accept it but we insisted. Told him to take his fiancé out to dinner. Martin was so relieved that on this day his vision was spared.

Next stop Kevin and Paula’s Whew what a long stressful day.

The next day was family time. Aunt Rits’s 74th birthday so we celebrated with margaritas. EDCAC025-0BD0-4E3E-9644-047ED95E7717
Love this woman to the moon and back. Because of her I love boots. I can remember meeting her and she looked so classy wearing boots with her slacks.

Martin and Kevin had a blast at KS Auto. CD425963-0867-488E-B2A4-9705E086FBC8.jpeg

After a day of fun was an evening full of more fun. BE999F34-EB6B-4D93-9CE4-12D6B3CF689D

Dinner with special friends.


And my Tina!


Krazy Kevin! Whn you have special people in your life. Life is good.


And when you have a talking dog in your life, life is great. This is Kevin’s dog Jake. Jake from State Farm! He’s such a talker.


Well it’s now Thursday, January 31, 2019 and I turned 60 years old. Yes I just admitted that out loud. The 31st anniversary of my 29tj birthday. Kevin and Paula made me cupcakes!!!! Yum yum.

And the main reason for this trip was to pick up this………


1931 Chevy pickup. We love going to Bonneville Salt Flats. Well this is going to be ourRat Rod. Martin has a lot of work to get it running by August.


His inspiration for the theme for the car. Martin found this artwork online and wrote to the artist. With his blessing he gave us permission to use it.

So we traveled back to the valley to see the family.


Happy Birthday to Joyce! The family treated us, no pun intended, to dinner and an improve.


Family friendly super funny night.

And when you get home these faces are waiting! Puppy love!

We were gone a week and exhausted from so much fun.

We spent the last week recuperating. Cleaning out the closet, dusting, reoganzing, cleaning the oven and my office. Martin unpacked the trailer got the car on the lift, built a burn barrel and went to the dump.

We took a trip to Grants. At Walmart we found two lost children looking for their Dad. So we took them up to customer service and had them page their Dad. With tears they were reunited and Dad scolded them for playing hide N seek.

The materials for the green house planter beds arrive this week so it will be time to build!!!!!!

Till next time…

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