Daily Archives: March 7, 2019

Home Sweet Home….

With many miles traveled this little girl did not want to get up the next morning.

We had to push her out of bed.

And look at the beautiful sunrise that awaited us.

It changed with every mile and every minute.

Finally home we unloaded our treasures.

Johnny Boy is home.

And that means back to work. We moved into the green house many wheel barrows of sandy dirt to level it out in preparation for the new walkway.

We got the lay out done.

And poured our first stepping stones for our walkway. This is so exciting to get this part started.

Since Martin used Franks trailer he wanted to fix his fender so he used Johnny Boy to move his trailer up to the shop.

He welded it up in no time.

The next day we were just beasts and poured 16 squares of stepping stones. Bammmm that’s how we work. We wanted to do flagstone but the only stone supplier that had it within two hours didn’t have enough so we decided to use this method. $5,000.00 verses $500.00. It’s just labor intensive but rewarding.

Only about 100 or so more to do. Yes we’re crazy!

Till next time…..


Bang bang…..

With finally a no rainy day we headed out to the shooting range.

Fun filled day of sporting clays.

To start us off I gave em hell.

Everyone else followed.

Tina showing off her great form.

Then Miss Paula with her beautiful style.

Robert won the best dressed award.

The blind ole bat showed us that he can still shoot guns.

He still makes my heart throb.

Kevin showed us who was boss.

Fun times. Great friends.

Guess we left some of these clay pigeons for the next slick shooters to come by.

With the fun times always comes the sad times when we have to say goodbye.

Kevin and Martin have been friends for 55 years or like forever. With hugs given and many thanks for all our fun we hit the road again. 16 hours of driving in our future.

With another hotel stay Kansas said she could get use to this traveling thing.

Till next time…..


Time to load…

With the rainy weather we had a break the next morning so I sweetly suggested to the boys it’s time to load treasure number 2.

But first Johnny Boy needed to be unloaded. Time for a photo shoot.

Now time to do work.

May as well use it to load the trailer.

Then the rain started again. So may as well go wine tasting.

Mettler vineyards treated us to a special cheese board thanks to Miss Paula. Of course I joined the wine club and brought home a case.

Then it was time for dinner at Bobbie and Carrie’s house.

Shrimp and Filet minion. Fabulous dinner! And fun friends. Life is good.

Till next time…..


Ps finally my WordPress app is working. Yes!

Treasure number 2…..

Martin’s Grandpa’s trailer. Love the patina. It was built in 1953.

This trailer helped my family when we’re building a doughboy swimming pool in 1976.

But before we load this bad boy it was poker night.

Ante up!

As the chips shifted from one side of the table to the other the winners were called.

Tina and Robert took home the green.

Always lots of shits and giggles with our best buddies.

Till next time….


Hello John Deere!!!!

With many hours of driving it was time to load my new treasure. Uncle Phil wanted to sell it so I offered to buy it.

Johnny Boy purrs like kitten.

Martin at the age of almost 62 still learns from his Uncle.

Uncle Phil and Aunt Rita have and always will be special to us.

The Christmas tree was a weeeee little tree long long time ago but has grown to stout strong tree.

Now we travel to pick up another treasure.

Till next time…..