Bang bang…..

With finally a no rainy day we headed out to the shooting range.

Fun filled day of sporting clays.

To start us off I gave em hell.

Everyone else followed.

Tina showing off her great form.

Then Miss Paula with her beautiful style.

Robert won the best dressed award.

The blind ole bat showed us that he can still shoot guns.

He still makes my heart throb.

Kevin showed us who was boss.

Fun times. Great friends.

Guess we left some of these clay pigeons for the next slick shooters to come by.

With the fun times always comes the sad times when we have to say goodbye.

Kevin and Martin have been friends for 55 years or like forever. With hugs given and many thanks for all our fun we hit the road again. 16 hours of driving in our future.

With another hotel stay Kansas said she could get use to this traveling thing.

Till next time…..


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