And the season begins……

With the kids heading home it was time for me to get back to work.

What!!!! Yes Cardinals Cheerleaders boots. One stop shop.

64 pairs of boots. That’s 128 logos that needed to be embroidered. And 20 pairs needed to be taken in in the back before they could be sewn. With draft pick happening it was a quick turnaround.

I always love special projects.

Martin bought me an off the grid pencil sharpener. Girl power no solar power.

Martin built these awesome foot lights for the Quemado School Play.

The Masked Canary.

I had the pleasure of costuming some of the students.

This play was a hoot. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

You know this little girl is no longer little. We can’t believe she is graduating from high school. Jamie created this invitation and we just love it. So unique!

We have been so busy trying to get these planter beds in. Martin had to figure out the height of the plumbing. We dropped in the liners. Then loads and loads of large to medium rocks. We loaded them into the tractor. Transferred them to the wheel barrow. Then unloaded them into the planter bed.

Then the small rock was added on top to a specific depth.

Then a layer of sand to another certain depth.

And the last step is dirt.

And plants!!! I’ve had my little seedlings waiting to spread their roots in fresh dirt.

Martin and I had to go to Show Low to fix my tire that got a screw in it. Well it couldn’t be fixed so I see new shoes in the future. In anticipation of completion of the flower beds we filled the back seat with new plants.

The last two flower beds are each 21 feet long.

This one is so close. The cut over, sand, dirt and plants.

This one needs a little bit more work. Big rock, lots of small rock, sand, dirt, the cut over and plants.

And poor Martin will have to finish them himself as I’m back to work.

After a weekend of work like this we moan and groan as we stand up. So close yet so far.

Till next time….


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