Oh my where do I start…..

Easter weekend the whole family came up to visit.

Luckily we just finished the green house walkway.

We ate a lot.

We played a lot.

The boys were caught watching TV so Grammie told them to get outside and find a tree to build a swing in.

Martin and Marty helped with the task and Ta-Da.

Yes little Tanner knows how to drive the gator. And Mikaila got to test her skills in the Razor.

So then we were off for pie.

It is always nice to sit at my table at the Pie-O-Neer. The best place in town.

With Aunt J driving the gator, Tanner got to ride in our make shift 4 seater.

With Easter you gotta have a scavenger hunt. Heck we’ve got 33 acres to have fun with.

Clues were hidden along with treasures.

In the end I’m not sure who had more fun, the adults who planned it or the kids who played it.

It’s always a thing to do here. Shoot guns. Kids and adults.

One thing is for sure that family is special. And time spent is priceless.

Till next time….


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