It’s been a long time…..

I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last blog.

The kids came up for Fourth of July and it was a weekend of fun.

We entered the local parade. Brought out the old John Deere and grandpas old trailer. Martin had to replace the floor so the children could ride without being like Fred Flintstone.

With a good looking man at the wheel we were ready.

We tossed out candy and beads. What was the most important thing is the kids had a blast.

So did Grammie and Papa.

Cozy cousins!!!

Crazy Kansas!!!

We spent the evening shooting these little lighted rockets.

Shoot, run, shoot again, run again. Repeat. Wore us out.

This beautiful color could be found in our greenhouse!!

Card games are always happening. A little war anybody.

The next morning we decided to hike the ridge just outside. This was so steep.

But everyone climbed with care.

We found an old 5 gallon paint lid. Well it was an old paint lid. Now it’s a piece of art that will have a home outside as soon as we can get to landscaping.

Our bottle stock was getting out of control so more hands made quick work to organize the mess.

Always find time to do a little target shooting. We found a real nice range in Quemado. It gave Papa ideas of building our own range.

Ping goes the metal targets.

Of course we have to get pie.

It’s always nice to visit our old family table.

Then off to play at the Pie Town playground.

Then it’s back home to Pass the pigs.

Oink oink!!!!

The boys are always up for more shooting.

Well Tanner decided to practice being a cowboy in his socks.

It’s always sad when the family has to go but their life in the concrete village must continue on.

Love our family.

Till next time……


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