Ready set go…..

After the holiday weekend I was geared up to get a bunch of work done.

My big studio on top of Junior cheer it was a very very busy summer.

With delivery of Junior Cheer it warmed my heart to see the smile on Zoe’s face. The uniforms were a huge hit.

Luckily for me the epidurals helped my low back. Kansas was such a trooper going back and forth every two weeks for a couple of months.

Mikaila’s volleyball team was coming through Pie Town heading to a tournament in Roswell. We organized a spaghetti lunch and pie for the girls.

The girls really enjoyed their adventure.

We drove to Roswell to join in on the fun. We found little green men everywhere.

Martin picked the perfect room.

Lol one of the last two rooms.

But it work good as Martin, Jamie and I brought work.

It was a pleasure to be able to take the time to watch Mika play.

Unfortunately we have not been able to watch anymore games.

And now it’s time to get ready for Pie Festival. With taking on the souvenir shack Martin was busy organizing everything as I worked. I was able to squeeze in the special Pie Queen apron.

Martin, as I have been working so hard, as been building the Pie Rat.

He has worked so hard and it was finally coming together.

Company was coming. Special friends.

Miss Paula brought her sewing so we could sew together. It was so nice having a sew buddy.

Then for 5 days Kevin helped Martin put the finishing touches on the Pie Rat. Such stud muffins.

It was time to take her down the road.

Kevin brought his hot rod and it was so cute seeing these two go down the road.

Kevin calls his hot rod the Donkey so Martin recreated him a special shirt.

After some issues with the motor Martin got her back running again. So we took her out to get Pie. It was so much fun watching heads turn as you go down the road.

With fall here and winter approaching it’s time to get back into working on the house. My schedule is steady so it looks like finally weekends off.

Martin has been helping neighbors with their solar problems. I think he is the one to call when solar help is needed. It does his heart good knowing that these friends are safe and running right.

Till next time…..


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