Ready for this?

We are so excited. Recently we came up the idea of adding on to the house.

Yep that’s right! You know we have a composting toilet. After almost 3 years of water usage data Martin calculated that we would have enough collected water to put in a flushing toilet.

So since it would be impossible to just replace the composting with a flushing toilet we decided to add on to the bedroom.

It started out with just a toilet and sink but after consulting with Jay, our local turd specialist, we added a bathtub. Septic tanks need enough water to work correctly. Oh darn. So it’s a soaking tub for us. We are adding 90 square feet of luxury.

Now Martin is working on the design. Filled out the paper work for the septic permit. Researching out the items we need to purchase.

Good thing the house ceiling is not up yet cause running power and water over to the new space will make it easier for Martin.

When the composting toilet is removed we will make that space into a linen closet.

As we enter into winter Martin we be able to build out the add on before he cuts out the doorway so we don’t freeze our butts off.

We recently traveled to California for a work trip. Measuring the kids at Dance Stars in Manteca. So of course we had to have some fun.

Martin towed the trailer with the Pie-Rat loaded in it.

Boys being boys. Kevin and Martin went to work on the brakes. They were dangerous.

They removed tires to get to the brakes. Then after about 3 or 4 trips to the auto parts store they were able to replace the very old worn out brakes with new ones.

70’s mustang II front brakes with 70’s Chevy chevelle back brakes. All new calipers and pads in the front and new wheel cylinders and shoes in the back. Good for another 100,000 miles.

Of course there was a test drive. With the ponies under the hood, oh yea there’s no hood, Martin stepped on it and with the boys big butts in the seat it broke. So boys being boys they had to fix it.

The Pie-Rat was ready for a ride

Off to Tina’s we go. Back roads and too much fun.

Hangertown at sunset.

A night of fun with family and friends.

Fun and games. Tina won for the second year in a row. Hummmmm we need to take poker lessons from her.

The next day Kevin arranged a ride with his buddies.

First stop gas and Starbucks.

Rest stop on the back roads to Tracy.

All these nice rods welcomed us in our rat rod.

Next stop as a visit to Uncle Phil and Aunt Rita.

Uncle Phil proudly showed the boys his stuff. And he enjoyed seeing the boys rods. Lol!!

Next stop Uncle Phil lead us to lunch.

Proudly parked. Let’s eat.

Yes the girls love cars too.

After saying our good byes we headed back down the road to Manteca.

We arrived at Martin’s parents house.

Another show and tell.

Boys showing boys their stuff!!!

An amazing day cruzin’. We got a lot of thumbs up. Honks and waves.

The next day we headed off to the Turlock swap meet. Junking. Who doesn’t love junking.

Thank god Kevin had this bad ass wagon to haul our junk.

Such a good time with the best family and friends.

Sadly all the fun must come to an end. We headed home. Two days of driving. Kansas was glad to be home.

She passed out on the sofa. She has traveled since the day we got her.

The first day home it was a cold and rainy day. Our first fire of the year.

You know life is good when you so appreciate everything in your life.

Till next time….


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