Rain, rain, rain….

The monsoon season has been a good one. For two weeks now I think it has rain almost every day.

The different variety of wild flowers keeping popping up.

It makes my view everyday an amazing relaxing site.

Martin has dumped over 15,000 gallons of water. And we’ve over filled an un-estimated amount. Over 10″ of rain so far. The average is 8″.

We haven’t had anytime to build because of my work. Thank goodness I have a Martin to help me. He is busy organizing everything for Pie Festival.

We bought a new rhinestone design machine. So he programs the design and it spits it out in rhinestones.

We are donating a his and hers camouflage sweatshirts for the raffle. Hope I win these.

Our morning walks are just so relaxing. Fresh air and cool temperatures.

I saw these white flowers from the kitchen window. Haha. Big fat mushrooms

Our driveway is lined with these small sunflowers.

New little four leaf weed? Flowers? Are popping up in the trails.

The four o’clocks are everywhere here and there.

This beautiful dead wood tree has life all around it.

Our trails are green and grassy.

Life is better when you do it in the woods!

Till next time.


Almost Pie Festival time…

With the Pie Festival closing in, the committee members are busy bees.

Martin has been busy preparing souvenir samples for the committee to chose from. So now he will begin making items to sell. All proceeds will go to the fund raising of new play ground equipment for the children in the community. All donations are tax deductible so if anyone would like to donate please just contact me or Martin.

With everything I got him into he finally had time to put the dining room light together, stained and installed.

He designed, programmed the laser and then cut it out.

It’s perfect! Love it!

Our composting station is almost complete. Martin needs dirt for the first layer.

We will be picking up more wood tomorrow to finish where Shit Happens!

A few projects I completed.

My crazy life is too much fun.

I entered two quilts into a local quilt show. 1-1/2 hours away. This little town Alpine, AZ in the mountains.

I found a groomer in Eagan, AZ to finally give Kansas a hair cut.


We keep telling her she just as beautiful but not sure believes us. Kitty ran away from her.

With all the rain we have been getting this monsoon season there is water in our local little lake.

We haven’t seen water here since we bought our property 11 years ago.

Another watering hole has water!

On our drive today I had the opportunity to catch a few beauties

My lemon tree is even blooming again.

Kitty is always bringing us presents.

We like presents!

Tomorrow we head back to Alpine for the Quilt Show and pick them up. We went thrift store shopping today. My mind is exploding with ideas to make. I don’t know what it is. Living here or altitude sickness but it won’t shut down. If I’m not creating I’m not living. Thankful for my husband who puts up with my crazy ideas.

Till next time……


Mr. Digger Man….

This week Martin wore his digger hat.

The beginning of the gray water system!

Wet it, wait, dig it, repeat.

While Martin played with dirt I was asked to do a special project.

I took these rally towels…..

And covered a men’s suit with those towels.

Now you have a Rally Man’s suit!!! 43 towels and 14.5 hours later it was shipped.

Friday Martin and I attended our first auction.

We had to split up. Martin went outside with the tools and I stayed inside with the house stuff. It was super fun and very interesting. Some really cool old stuff. Some really cool stuff went for some expensive prices. Well to each their own.

The turkey bean flowers are blooming like crazy now.

I could take pictures of flowers and elk anytime of the day. This pad of concrete has sat here for three years waiting to be built on.

We began the composting station for waist products.

Board by board progress is made.

My view as I was the leveler lady!

Some sides and some back boards is all we could do in the warm sunshine.

Over heated and thirsty we headed in to cool off.

This week Kitty found a lizard. I told her to leave it alone.

Ok Mommy I’ll just watch it.

This week Martin created a new design for me. You know how time flies as you get older? Well here in Pie Town it’s “Pie Flies!”

Till next time……


Happy Independence Day…..

Our daughter, Jamie and our daughter-in-law, Shawna brought the grand babies up for a visit. We met them in Springerville to share in the festivities.

First up the parade!

Always fun people watching.

Here’s one sexy cowboy.

Shawna loves firemen. And so does Trey! Maybe he will grow up to be one someday.

We thought of Uncle Phil when this Rat Rod came by.

Our grand babies experienced their first Rodeo. 106th consecutive Round Valley Rodeo.

It was a beautiful day and to share it with our kids was the best part.

Thursday we began the glue, stick, glue, stick process of creating a mosaic masterpiece.

Jamie, Shawna and Mikaila worked for two days sticking tile on the wall.

As the paths closed in the girls got closer and closer.

It’s hammer time! The girls needed more pieces and Tanner was too happy to help.

Finally the puzzle was complete. Everyone was exhausted but so happy to have this step done. After my busy work season I will grout this monster of a wall.

The elk came to see each day the progress.

Papa and the boys stayed busy doing the man things.

Trey was practicing on the tractor.

Papa and Tanner having fun together.

Target shooting.

Climbing on the house.

It was a great weekend with our family and we hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Till next time…..


Busy, busy, busy……

Well it has been way, way, way too long since my last post.

After Martin and I finished framing up the shop it was time for me to get back to work.

Our handsome son, Marty, had a birthday. 36 years young!!! Which makes us feel old!!!

Well one of the things that have kept us busy is this new monster. Lucy the laser cutter. It can etch and cut glass, wood, tile, cork, fabric and probably more as Martin discovers new things everyday.

One of the local restaurants in town asked us if we could print shirts for their new gift shop. Well of course we can!!!!!

As Martin hooked up Lucy and learned a new design software I created a few door hangers for the gift shop.

And some hats.

When Martin finally got Lucy running he was off and running too.

First thing was a logo for our new adventure. He played with speed and power. What effect will you get when you change one or the other? Our saying is always, “Try it both ways and let’s see!”

Marcus wanted a new logo for his school district. So Martin created this using a distressed look.

Next the gift shop wanted items for their pet friends.

Well the pet owners need shirts too.

Martin finally received different products to test cut with.

Mirrored acrylic cut two different ways.

In the middle of all this craziness we took a day and went to a local quilt show. Over 200 quilts in this small town.

Henrietta heat press has been retired. With all the different product we are pressing now we need an upgraded model. This is Helen. She is digital and auto opens when she’s done working.

After we already cut and layered my lettering, Martin figured out how to cut twill with two layers at once. Omg it will be so much faster for my next project.

The gift shop wanted t-shirts that said these sayings.

So we delivered!!!!

Martin bought me a new lens for my camera. Now I can see the true character of these amazing animals.

Martin is getting real good at this laser stuff. Coasters ready for delivery.

T-shirts aren’t complete till you put a label on it!

The boys are coming tomorrow and Papa has this project for them to help him with. And yes the seats will be laser cut.

Shawna, Jamie and Mika are my gluing buddies. Our project for the weekend will be the living room wall of mosaics. Glue, stick, glue, stick…..

I’m sorry it has been awhile and I promise not to do it again! Yea right. My busy sewing life has only just begun.

Till next time…..


Happy Friday!!!!

Today Martin and I had a busy day.

Post Office

Dump in Datil

Breakfast at Eagle Guest Ranch

Pick up hay for elk at Datil feed

Magdalena to the health clinic for allergy shots ( which took 2 hours )

Back to Pie Town. Decided to stop for the best green chili cheese burger at the Cafe for late lunch.

Why not push yourself over the edge and get the best Pie at the Pie-o-neer.

On the way back we just crested the ridge by our house and almost ran into an elk. Or the elk almost ran into us. It turned quickly to avoid the crash and its cute little spotted baby followed her. It look like Bambi!!! So damn cute.

Hopefully they will come back tonight for fresh hay and water.

Till next time……


Memorial Day Weekend…… a little late!

After spending 3 hours and 100 gallons of water to clean Martin’s truck…

We headed out on our road trip.

We stopped at the ice cave about 28 miles from Grants.

That’s us and a 700 year old Douglas fir tree.

I have never seen such a thing. 80+ degrees outside. Walk down some stairs and bam. Solid block of ice. 31 degrees down there.

The rock formations were incredible!

We also took the hike to the volcano.

As we climbed you could see the Allegra mountains and the Buzzard Fire. And if you look really really close you can see Martins shiny shop!

The volcano was so deep.

And the flow was so long.

We arrived in Flagstaff. It was time for baseball.

Proud Grandparents right there!

Trey catching.

Tanner just being as cute as ever.

We went for a family hike.

A little obstacle course training too!

All aboard the truck for a happy ride home.

Since we had time before baseball. It was puzzle time.

A little more baseball fun.

A little more puzzle time.

Nothing sweeter than cousins who cuddle.

After all the baseball was done and family members loaded their shoes.

And headed back down to the hot valley. Martin and I went zip lining.

Ziiiiiinnnnnng…… he goes.

This was so much fun. Second largest zip line in the US.

We had to climb some ladders to go for a ride. Always hooked in with these special hooks.

So glad we aren’t to old yet to do this fun stuff. Gotta keep moving!!!

We traveled down to the valley on Tuesday for the Cardinals fitting and Kansas bath day.

If she could only stay so cute and clean. But noooooo as soon as we get home she goes and lays in the dirt enjoying the wind blowing her clean fur.

Martin installed my port hole windows.

Yes…. quirky me wanted port hole windows. Why not!!!!!

Sealing up my office helps so much as it is starting to warm up here.

Martin finished another barn door. This one is for our bedroom closet.

Love a man the can build shit!!!!

My little make shift garden is doing pretty good. Reaping the rewards.

Salad anyone?

Till next time……


Insulation day….

Today was a day of get it done day. We have had bits and pieces of insulation up here and there so today we decided to get my studio done. Fill in the holes!

So we moved the quilting machine out and the scaffolding in.

Martin put it up piece by piece as I rolled him around.

OSHA approved! NOT!

Then I hear a yell and he’s shaking his hand.

I ask him, “What’s the matter?” He replies, “I hit my finger with the stapler.”

I ask, “Oh no! Which one?”

He replies, “This one!”

Poor baby!

But he got it done!

And continued on like a trooper filling some pieces in the kitchen.

During the week he hung up the faucet and rain head for our shower and the hand held for Kansas shower.

Can’t wait to turn this baby on!

You know some days you just have to start your day with a smile.

We will be off next weekend enjoying a weekend with the family in Flagstaff. So to keep my garden growing Martin recreated me a gravity fed watering system.

He built a stand.

Bought a 10 gallon bucket.

And Ta-Da. Now we need to hook up all the tubing and take it for a test run.

We stopped this week to do a drone flight of this mountain range/very large knoll.

Really amazing. As soon as Martin gets done fixing his computer he will up load it. He lost a hard drive. He found an eagles nest, small lake and cactus blooming.

Kansas is always in tow.

Love the sun setting on the mountains.

Seems like everyday a new wild flower starts to bloom.

Till next time…..


Happy Mother’s Day…….

Martin and I would like to wish all our family and friends a very happy Mother’s Day.

You know as we sit at our table in the kitchen we look out to the knoll. I’ve always looked at this little tree high up at the peak. Martin this morning took me for a hike to the little tree.

On the way found a new wild flower. Soft petals and pretty purple flowers.

This is the little tree.

Very very steep right at the top.

Way up high looking towards the house you can see the new shop.

Our compound nestled in the woods.

During our hike Martin found an old chain and I found a rock.

Kansas just found a ton of cuteness.

After our hike we started cleaning out the green house entrance.

This made working on the door/window wall easier.

We are trying to button up the openings to help with the cold and now the heat.

The finish work is what will take time.

Last night we had visitors. We will be going to buy more hay on Thursday so I’m sure we will have more elk visitors hungry and thirsty.

Enjoy your day Mom’s!

Till next time……