Yesterday began with a sign. It was a day of hard work. But not for us.

These guys are just the best. They poured our house foundation. And now the shop.

The trucks came one at a time. The guys worked endless for hours pouring them smoothing.

The guys danced and danced moving and spreading.

Martin and I watched, learning………we learned that we hopefully are done with concrete. It’s a beast.

From nothing ………

To something………

Now the fun begins. Erecting the building but first this must cure.

Gotta share these pictures a friend up here posted. I blew them up cause I wanted a close up to see what they looked like.

Now I can see the difference between the male and females.

Now can you tell the difference?

Haha made you look!!!

Kansas and I went for a walk this morning.

She was busy sniffing and running around. As I approached the first snow patch I just stood there and admired it. It glittered so pretty in the morning light. Then as I walked on it it crunched beneath my feet like walking on a snow cone. I giggled like a little girl. As I came to the next patch the bunny tracks made me giggle again. They look like a face imprinted into the snow. Two big long eyes with a mouth that makes a circle. It looks like it’s saying Ooooooooo. So I giggled and move on. Crunch, crunch, crunch. The next patch was different. Clean, no tracks, soft. And it was like walking on sugar. No crunch just soft smash. I notice the weirdest things. Rounding every curve, the snow patches glitter and one even looked like the sand dunes we use to ride but on a much smaller scale. I wished only if I was super little how fun would this be. Guess I would need a tiny little quad too!

As I approached the end of the walk I looked up to the house. The sun warmed my face, the ravens sang in the background. I thought back of where we were almost 3 years ago clearing trees to make room for this place we now call home. Yep, this is home! Thankful for what we have and so thankful for what Mother Nature give us.

Till next time…..


Weekend project….

Martin was a busy boy.

I love it when I can hand him a drawing and then he brings it to life.

Almost done.


Now I can’t wait to tile that block wall.

Ice cube wars.

This are mine.

And this was Martins!!!!!

Hummmmm guess I won! But Martin says his is longer. I see measuring these in the future.

We have never seen such a thing. We don’t know if it’s elevation or the quick freezing of the new freezer. Either way it always makes getting ice fun. “Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Concrete tomorrow wahoooooo.

Till next time…..



We finally received our second snow fall.

As you can see it has been a little colder.

3″ of snow means more water in our tanks.

Thank goodness for Mother Nature’s warm sun rays. Even when it’s cold outside she warms our home perfectly.

The solar panels melt the snow quickly.

After this snow fall it truly was so pretty. Riding to the Post Office the morning sun makes the snow covered ground sparkle like glitter.

Now we are on a warming trend again. And since it was going to be warm the contractor we hired to pour the shop pad wanted to get started. So why wait right?

Martin with Franks help cut down and moved some trees in one day and the next day here they are. Leveling, grading and laying the AB rock in and forms in.

The next day they installed the rebar.

So Monday morning the concrete arrives. After Martin and I prepared the house foundation we realized preparing another foundation is something we just didn’t want to do. Lol. Yep we gots us some smarts now!

I’m almost done with my deadlines so we see an indoor shower in our future. Yippeeeeeee! Some days it has been 40 degrees outside but the nice hot steaming shower feels so good.

Martin was searching on his computer for a manual for Marty. In his search he found this letter that I wrote 16 years ago.

One semester of creative writing is my only college class. Lol.

Kitty was found tonight playing with my new phone.

SELFIE……..bright light…..bright light!

Till next time……..


Keeping busy!

Monday morning Martin’s new shop arrived. Frank and John arrived to give a helping hand.

Thank god for friends with big machinery.

And friends with little machinery.

After all was unloaded. Men do what men do.

This week was a busy one for me. I finished the Suns project and they loved them.

They fit the girls perfectly.

Thank god I have Martin. He is my computer master!

Wednesday we had our first real snow of the winter.

Kansas was in heaven.

Her paw print looks like a mountain lion.

We couldn’t wait to go for a walk and enjoy this beautiful gift from Mother Nature.

Every where was just picture perfect.

My yard art looked so pretty with it’s little dusting of snow.

With the 3 inches of snow we received it equaled out to approximately 600 gallons of water collected in our tanks. Gotta love Mother Nature.

Martin spent the rest of the week working on my embroidery station.

He could be found just about everywhere.

Betty Bobbin has her new work space and she is ready to do work!

Henrietta heat press has a special place too. It’s starting to take shape.

It’s the middle of January and we are still showering outside. Seems unreal right? Well here is proof. It really is warm and the view amazing.

Next month I should be done with my deadlines and then I will have time to help Martin with the shower. Progress, progress, progress!

Till next time……..


Let it Snow!!!!! Not very much.

This morning at 2:00 am we woke up to rain. Finally we got some moisture.

By the time we got up a little snow had fallen just to dust the ground a very little.

As I made breakfast you could see a few snow flurries here and there.

Martin’s weather station recorded .09 inches of rain. Doesn’t sound like much but it really is with our big ass roof. We collected 200 gallons of water in our tanks. With the light snow on the roof as it melts that’s water in the tanks.

Martin spent the day putting some finishing touches to the embroidery station.

If you ever watched Project Runway you’ve heard Tim Gunn say, ” Make it work!” Well that’s exactly what we are doing here. Using what material we could find, Martin is gettin’ er done.

Tomorrow Martin’s shop building arrives. All hands on deck! Luckily we have great neighbors with equipment to give a helping hand.

Till next time…..


Awe… cute…..and functional!!!

Martin was a busy boy. He mixed and poured the mortar bed for the shower.

Now we wait! 28 days to make sure it is dry so we can paint the red guard on then tile.

With the Martin’s sink working he can be found shaving. On occasion!!!! Lol.

He needed a soap dish for his sink area and so I unpacked our silver champagne glasses. What a perfect solution.

You know Squirt cracks us up. She has so much personality.

And then there is Kansas. Always with her blanket in tow. She always comes over to my side of the bed for her morning scratches.

We spent New Years Day evening on top of the knoll.

This mountain is the Sawtooth. It just lights up at sunset.

The sunset of 2018 did not disappoint!!!! Beautiful.

The super moon rose slowly.

Martin flew his drone and got some amazing shots.

Lol….. yep me taking a picture of it.

Kansas is always ready to pose.


Today first thing Martin hung the light over the embroidery station area. Part of a chicken feeder with a metal basket turned upside down.

Then he started in on the station.

I have waited 6 months for this area to be built out and I’m so excited.

Happy New Year dear friends and family. We can’t believe we have been living totally off grid for 6 months now. Martin’s solar system design has been working perfectly. It has been a real dry winter so far with no measurable rain for two months. With our water storage we can go 180 days from now if we had absolutely no rain. With possible snow next week we are looking forward to our first white morning.

Till next time……



Since Christmas holiday Martin has been a busy little beaver working for me. We were asked if we could recreate the Suns 92-93 jerseys for the girls. With only 19 days to do it in.

Luckily last July I bought a vinyl cutter to help me with the endless butterflies I had to do for a dance. So with all the information gathered Martin began learning how to do graphics. Normally I would send these graphics onto one of my favorite persons but this turn around time is so quick. So we jump in with all we have.

With the 92-93 team roster and numbers, he created these. And the heat transfer order was placed.

During our vacation we had lots of visitors.

And when we were busy with graphics they came back to visit.

Three mommys and four babies.

With the graphics complete Martin finally had time to work on the bathroom. He put the floor in the shower and built the step

He also wanted to be able to shave so he put in the sink.

Running water……wahooooo!!!!

Now to alter the drawer. The plumbing is important so banging a drawer into it is a no no.

Will it fit? Will it work?

Hell yes it will. He’s my man!!!!

This cabinet is an old dresser we found at an antique store years ago. It has been in the cargo cabin but now it sets happy in its new beautiful home.

Till next time……


Merry Christmas to all!!!

It was a fun and busy holiday for us. Marty and Shawna were going on a cruise for their anniversary so we were called upon to be there to help with the boys.

The morning we left it was freezing cold. As you can see by the ice crystals on the roof of my car.

As I blew up the photo the beautiful shapes started to reveal themselves.

Mother Nature never stops to amaze me.

We arrived in the valley and first thing, get business done. Down to the arena we go. Rattlers fitting and Suns delivery. Check! Now it is all fun from now on.

Marty and Shawna left early and we were in charge.

On the way to school, Tanner discovered he could make skid marks with his bike.

After school we headed to Top Golf.

Too much fun and too much food. At dinner time we were still full so candy canes and chips were on the menu. Lol.

The next school day we rescued the boys out early and caught a bite to eat at Johnny Rockets before the Star Wars movie.

Friday was an all day fun day. Mik-Uber picked us up we had breakfast then shopping, shopping, shopping. Then more food at Famous Dave’s. Next stop Xtreme air.

We laughed so hard watching these kids jump, flip and playing tag. Sweaty and stinky we headed home to wrap the gifts ready for Sunday’s Christmas Eve. We are not done yet. Happy birthday dinner for Mikaila.

She turned 16 and now has her license. Benihana is one of our favorite places to celebrate.

Sunday morning we played foot golf. What a hoot.

Ummmm like mother like daughter.

Martin was voted best style.

Christmas Eve was a fun night. Playing games, eating and presents. Perfect evening.

The Treat JR Family were the only ones who got the memo from Santa to wear jammies.

Home now we are relaxing by the fire. All the groceries put away. Kitty lays on my lap.

Till next time……


The throne has a home…..

Yesterday we finally were able to install the shitter!!!

It was so nice not to have to walk up the hill to do business. Since the turds are officially frozen in the out house. With 9 degree weather in the weeeee hours of the morning it has been cold. Even the outdoor shower has been a challenge. Water left in the hose froze plugging it up. We had to break it up then flush it out. With that experience Martin’s solution was installing a Y at the faucet so he can drain the hose. Problem solved.

The bathroom is moving along. Ship lap on the walls complete the cabin look and feel.

We completed this one wall to the height we wanted to hang our towel holders.

We pressed the pause button cause we couldn’t wait to hang them. We bought these about 6 years ago at an antique flea market.

Just a touch of royalty!

Till next time….


Bathroom soon….

Bathroom what bathroom!!!! Who needs a bathroom I just go outside. No big deal.

Martin has been busy tiling and his favorite thing grouting.

As the ship lap goes up board by board it starts to look like a special place.

We used our old tile leftover from the Mandarin house and added a new tile for the border.

My cabinet is now useable. Martin’s cabinet still needs a facelift before we can install it along with the sink.

I found a sweet lady who use to teach massage therapy. Martin drove me out to the southern wilderness to her home. On our way back we encountered slow walking cattle. Do they care we are there? Nope.

I think this one was the herd leader. You can just read her/his mind. Like, “What you lookin’ at? Huh? Mooooooove on!”

We headed off to a Show Low to pick up a freezer we ordered. We had the best sunset to watch as we traveled down the road.

It changed with breathtaking colors.

Then on the way home the super moon lit our way. Rising higher with every mile.

Today is Tuesday. The turkey we picked up on the way home from a Thanksgiving weekend is finally defrosted so today was our first Thanksgiving dinner in our new home.

Made pies!

And of course the TURKEY 🦃!!!!!!

We even decorated our Christmas tree out front. This tree survived when we broke ground. This tree survived almost being burned down by the burn barrel. And this tree Martin said 10 years ago when it was a weeeeee little tree that it would be our Christmas tree. So here it is! All pretty with the ornaments that our children and grandchildren made at Thanksgiving.

It is very cold here today. The Low is going to be 15 degrees tonight and the high tomorrow will be 44 degrees. Still we don’t have all the insulation up and the door/window wall still has open spaces. So trying to stay warm is a challenge on cloudy days. Sunny days Mother Nature takes care us. Martin is focused on getting the bathroom done so till then we bundle up and hang by the fire.

Yep even Squirt hangs by the fire.

Kansas can be found snuggling in a blanket on the sofa. Lol.

Living our dream. Now if it would just snow.

Till next time…..